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Commercial Gas

Chef frying food in flaming pan on gas hob in commercial kitchen.

Essex Based Supplies Of

Commercial Gas

We are proud to provide gas to a huge number of businesses throughout Essex. Whether you’re a roofer, caterer, restaurant owner or construction worker that uses propane, we can help by providing LPG gas at the very best prices around.


Business Account Manager


We also offer each business impeccable customer service and ease of repeat orders with your very own account manager who can discuss orders and any questions you may have at any given time.

Our quality and prices keep businesses returning again and again, and we can also offer special rates and discounts for your business. For further information please call us on 01206 984 200.

47kg Bottle of Pro Gas Propane Gas

This bottle is by far our largest single supply of gas at a whopping 47kg of gas. This bottle is suitable for:

  • •  Central Heating
  • •  Cooking Appliances
  • •  Restaurants
  • •  Bars and Pubs
  • •  Residential Mobile Home Parks
  • •  Farming and Agriculture


19kg Bottle of Pro Gas Propane Gas

This bottle has a wide range of uses for the commercial industry because it serves as the perfect solution for heating and cooking for mobile catering.

Additionally, our 19kg Gas Bottle serves most catering vans and burger bars throughout Essex. Rest assured, we’re your one-stop shop for catering van gas. This bottle is suitable for:

• Cooking Appliances
• Construction Work
• Mobile Catering

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