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Essex Based Supplies Of

Fork Lift Gas Bottles

We are proud to provide premium gas bottles to the commercial sector across Essex.

Not only are we the most trusted gas supplier in Essex, we also offer the very best prices on gas bottles. You won’t find better quality or better pricing anywhere else, that’s the Pro Gas promise. We understand just how important it is to get the right gas, at the right price, for fork lift trucks.

That’s why we recommend using FLT Propane Gas for fork lifts, and we have this available in sizes of 11kg and 18kg. Here are more details about our gas bottles.

11kg FLT Gas Bottle:

This bottle has been created designed specifically with Fork Lift Trucks. Keeping FLTs running smoothly. Features of this bottle include:

    • • Capacity: 11kg FLT
    • •  Height: 560mm approx
    • •  Tare Weight: 13.2kg (typical)
    • •  Diameter: 310mm approx
    • •  Recommended Offtake: 50,000 BTU / hr

18kg FLT Gas Bottle

This bottle has a wide range of uses for the commercial industry because it serves as the perfect solution for heating and cooking for mobile catering.

This fork lift gas bottle holds more gas capacity and is suited for large fork lifts. The pricing offers you even more value than our 11kg bottle. Features of this bottle include:

• Fork lift trucks

• Capacity: 18kg FLT

•  Tare Weight: 18kg (typical)

•  Height: 810mm approx.

•  Diameter: 315mm approx.

•  Recommended Offtake: 63,000 BTU/ hr

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